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Fairy Tail, the famous manga by Hiro Mashima has been taken into many roleplaying sites. This is one of them named Fairy Tail Platinum, We are a building forum so members are good to go. Have fun here!
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 The Underworld [WIP]

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PostSubject: The Underworld [WIP]   Sun Jun 19, 2016 1:13 am

Deceased characters may roleplay here, it has rules though. First of all, the leader is Hades and you're his puppets here, so he will control in every way he can and will try to restrict everything he can to stop you. The Only rules is as follows:

  • No intimacy: Kisses are fine, but sex is not allowed here. It's the underworld after all. It's the dead people's lair, watch your proximity.

So that's pretty much it. This is the only rule around here, also you can't create another character on the same account so they would have to be resurrected by Hades and for that to happen, here are the guidelines for the lottery:

  • Every month, 10 dead characters are selected who are the healthiest and fittest (also by staff choice) Yes, in every of your topic you would have to keep taking your minerals and vitamins, that's another that I didn't mention above, eating junk food in your topics would decrease your chance of appearing in the lottery for getting out into the real world. Each of them will be assigned a number between 1-10 and a wheel will be spun, whichever person's number is spun would be launched back 'again' into Fiore.
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The Underworld [WIP]
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