Fairy Tail: The Platinum League

Fairy Tail, the famous manga by Hiro Mashima has been taken into many roleplaying sites. This is one of them named Fairy Tail Platinum, We are a building forum so members are good to go. Have fun here!
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 1.Site Rules [WIP]

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PostSubject: 1.Site Rules [WIP]   Mon May 18, 2015 2:48 pm

Hello Rookie! I see that you're new here. Don't have a clue what to do, if you have happened to stumble upon this topic, which you have because you're reading it now. These are the most basic and global rules of the site. Failure to follow will result in you receiving a warning about starting to following the rules.

I. Behavior

Respect: Show respect to everybody. You're gonna play here in a community, don't spoil your reputation. You must not disrespect anybody, a member, staff or even if it is a guest. Show respect and get respect.

Profanity: It will be allowed till it is mild and does not get too heavy. Heavy use of swear words are prohibited. Do not swear every single word that you say, some members get bothered by such content.

Flaming: Flaming is prohibited, debates and arguments are okay but stay respectful and it'll be okay as long as nobody gets hurt, Flame wars should be avoided.

II. Account

Username: Your username must be your character's name or the nickname of your character. Symbols are not allowed in your username, names like "$kri11ex" should be avoided. When you need your username changed, ask staff.

Alts: You can have as many as alternate character as you want them to be, but if they do not remain active, they will be deleted from the site's database and people who roleplayed with them would have to pretend that they never existed.

Face Claim: A face claim is what your character looks, it can be an original artwork, anime, manga, comic or a cartoon character etc. along those lines. They are your character's appearance, you can alter some of their parts but the model mostly would be same.

Avatar: Your avatar is a picture of your face claim. It should be no bigger 150x300 and should not be inappropriate or too flashy such as a bikini girl, kids are roleplayers too.

Signature: Only one visible image is allowed on your signature and also it should be no bigger 500x250 pixels, a larger image or a piece of complicated coding is not allowed as it may mess up the coding of the site. If things like these continuously, your account's signature will be disabled permanently or removed.

III. Chatbox

Advertising: There shall be no advertising in the chatbox. Do not post up any links to any other site unless it is a major site (google, youtube) or unless it is an affiliated site (such as SHINE - the online gallery.)

Instigating: Do not instigate really deep arguments and start flaming in the chatbox. It will be looked down by us and can even get you banned from the chatbox permanently.

Language: The official language of this forum is English and languages other than the official language should not be spoken in the chatbox (such as Swedish) because this can get you banned from the chatbox. If you wanna talk in your language to somebody, take it to private messaging.

Complaints: If you have a complaint about a particular member and you want to notify staff, please take a screenshot and send it to staff so they can review it and take action. If we deem your complaint valid, then you may get a reward for your loyal actions to the King Nexus

IV. Staff

Respect: As Staff, we want to create a fun environment for everybody to roleplay in. Please respect our decisions. If you have a problem with a decision of a particular staff member, contact an Administrator.

Approvals: Do not bug a staff member to look at your apps or stuff. They reserve the right to deny any application, so if you bug them too much, that might just happen. Please keep in mind that they are not bots that constantly work. They are humans.

Account: Staff reserves the right to alter your account in any way for any or no reason at all. Although there isn't any reason that should normally happen unless you screwed up something major.

Rules: Staff reserves the right to make amendments to the rules at any time for any reason, and you accept those changes, whether you are aware of them or not.
All Stars: Staff reserves your right of banning you or making you special.

Soul: You agree to sell your soul to FTRPG and that you shall hail Nexus as the all mighty god and ruler of this universe. You also accept that you are an idiot for joining this site because it will be so fun that it'll almost kill you.
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1.Site Rules [WIP]
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